Jenifer Sharer, Waterloo Insurance Agent

Jennifer Sharer or any Waterloo insurance broker helps people throughout the city find and meet their insurance needs. As a broker, she deals with a wide range of companies and she can help her customers get the right price and the right coverage. Like many brokers, she has the equivalent of another popular insurance company’s pricing tool. Those who know the name of the company also know that there are plenty of other companies who do this, but they do it only for other companies that offer online services. Plenty of other places do not advertise their services online and prefer only to deal only through brokers. Not Jennifer Sharer agent extraordinaire! She deals direct and is the service provider as well.

Jennifer Sharer Insured

Going only through brokers may seem to be a strange idea in the modern world, but many insurance companies have built their business model by going through a middle man. It does not raise the price for insurance services all that much. Insurance brokers only get a small monthly fee for each policy they sell in most circumstances. The advantage of going through an insurance broker is that they can offer a wider range of coverage. They may go through the more popular companies, but someone that does not advertise their services on television may have better or less expensive coverage options. If you don’t find the best agent that can provide the best coverage for your needs, you may end up in trouble and not be eligible for payment. You could be stuck with a massive debt bill and require a consumer debt proposal to get out of it!