Hearing About An Up and Coming Internet Marketing Company

Rumours over the Vitesse Radio airwaves are that there is an up and coming SEO company taking off across Canada. They are based out of Waterloo, Ontario but have offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There are a number of reasons why these guys are taking off and doing so well: they are focusing exclusively on search engine optimization, which is a form of internet marketing.

They are Cognatio Media and they are a Waterloo internet marketing company. They have been working tirelessly to learn everything there is to know about SEO (it’s always changing and growing) and build a powerful SEO presence across Canada. They have been working hand in hand with a company called Vovia that operates out of Calgary. The Vovia internet marketing company is a great Calgary Google advertising agency that can help with any Google Adwords Campaign!

Cognatio Media SEO

That being said, although Cognatio is a go-to for Canadian SEO as well as local SEO strategies across all of the cities (big or small), I have to say I have also heard amazing things about this Vovia company. They offer an all encompassing service offering versus Cognatio that simply offers only SEO, CRO and analytic support. Vovia offers what they do and I would suggest that if you need Calgary SEO : Call Vovia – they are quite good from what I’ve heard. I’ll leave it up to you to investigate each company, but they have operated together as well so I’m sure they’re both excellent. Devon from Cognatio Media seems like a great guy and I know I’ve heard good things about Cam from Vovia as well.

If you want more information on Cognatio Media, click here to visit their website, they have so much great information and a number of resources worth looking into. Alternatively, you can check out the video below for more information about their Waterloo SEO office: